Our Disney Baby Moon

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts.” -Winnie the Pooh 


After having a wonderful trip in March 2014 we knew we wanted to start planning our next trip to Disney World pretty much the second we drove off property :). We had a lot coming up that year with C finishing his first year of graduate school and K had just started a new job earlier that year and we had some other traveling plans that summer coming up. Well at the end of the Summer we actually experienced a trying time as we had a miscarriage and lost our first pregnancy. It was extremely difficult and a dark time in our lives and we kind of took a break from life for a week or so and while we were with family we decided we needed to plan a trip to get away and just take a breather and refresh. Of course Disney came to mind and we decided it was the perfect time to plan a trip to brighten our spirits and enjoy some time as a couple.

We planned our trip in September and while we were still grieving we had this to look forward to and we were thankful for something to look forward to vacation wise. Well little did we know God would surprise us that next month at the very end of October to find out we were expecting our Rainbow baby boy! We were very nervous but very very excited and felt so blessed and could see some light at the end of the tunnel of some very hard months. At one of my first appointments with the OB I told her that we had already planned a Disney World trip and asked if that would be ok pregnant, I was going to be about 12-13 weeks along the week of our planned trip. She said I was 100% fine and that the exercise and walking would actually be good for me and get my mind off of the nasty morning sickness ;). So this trip that we planned as a way to cope ended up being more exciting than we could have imagined and it seemed like the perfect place to take our announcement photos. It was a huge turn of events and probably the best surprise we could have experienced! We knew life was going to get crazy and busy after our trip as C was in his last semester of graduate school, job searching and we were having our first BABY so we declared this would be our “Babymoon” a time of just us away and having fun one last time on vacation without the responsibility of a child and just the two of us.


We arrived the second week of December right before the week before Christmas and planned to attend the Christmas party for the first time and even got to stay in a new resort! We felt like since it was our “Babymoon” we should try somewhere fun and new so we stayed at Coronado Springs Resort and LOVED it, it is so far our favorite resort that we have stayed in. We loved the theme and the touches Disney adds to really make you feel the Spanish theme and like you’re in Mexico! Seeing a Mickey head each day on our bed was extra fun and seeing all the beautiful Christmas decorations got us in the Christmas spirit even more! We loved the food and really enjoyed eating in their food courts and walking around this resort. It was the perfect combo of Mexico and beachiness with a splash of Disney everywhere, we highly recommend it for couples!

At the time we went to Disney not many of our friends and family knew the big news so we had to keep it under wraps as we were taking our announcement photos in the parks! We had many great opportunities to take some great shots. We started our vacation out trying Chef Mickey’s for the first time which was fun as we got some great shots with the characters. I was still dealing with a lot of morning sickness those weeks so sadly some days eating the food was hard and I didn’t get to enjoy the meal plan as much in the morning but by the evenings it got much better.


Our next day we got to experience the Christmas Party for the first time. It was very fun to see the amazing Fireworks and parade, those were our favorite parts about the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. It was pretty crowded was the only downer and not a lot to do other than the parade and fireworks but we were excited to at least get to experience it at least once.

We continued the week just checking out all the other parks! I was suprisingly able to ride about 90% of the rides at Disney World even pregnant which was great! I am going to do other posts on going to Disney World pregnant where I will go into more details about that and planning but other than the bigger rides like, Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, Test Track etc. you can ride quite a bit! Even with the big rides on the “No list” I had a blast and did not feel limited at all, and it gave us an excuse to enjoy shows more and take it a bit slower and take in the sights and not feel so rushed as sometimes happens at Disney World.

Disney is a great place for Pregnancy cravings I will say ;)! One of my biggest cravings while pregnant with our son were Soft pretzels lol and what better way to satisfy that craving that with a….MICKEY PRETZEL! It also helped settle my stomach when I couldn’t eat in the mornings and lunch time so that was a great help. We also indulged in some Mickey rice crispies and of course one of our favorites….Dole Whip :). We know that baby boy loved it even then lol.

Taking our announcement photos was most definitely the highlight of our trip! All of the cast members and characters were great and made it extra special for us.  Once we knew we were expecting we made a couple of props and things for our pictures and brought those along. Pinterest had some great ideas to help spark some creativity in how to do these photos. Our favorite character we met while taking the pictures had to be “Talking Mickey” that is in Magic Kingdom near the front of the park. It was our first time meeting him and the fact he could talk back about  expecting a baby was really neat. He even made a guess on what the gender was going to be since at the time we didn’t know, and guess what…mickey guessed BOY and was right, so if you’re looking for a gender predictor Talking Mickey is your guy haha. Another special added touch was a custom cake C surprised me with at our last dinner on property at one of our favorite places, Tony’s. It was so special to see that cake and also see how excited all the people were around us at Tony’s and the cast member who was our waiter who made it very special! I apologize in advance for the cheesy emoji’s that are on some of these next photos, quite a few had our last name that we used for personal photos and we keep that part private so there wasn’t really a giant red heart and Hawaiian flower on our cake and in our pictures haha ;).


We really enjoyed this trip so much! We had a blast celebrating our last time at WDW without a child and Disney made the biggest thing in our life extra special! If you’re thinking of trying a Babymoon at Disney we highly recommend it, it’s not only a great place to celebrate but a wonderful time to just spend time the two of you before life gets a little crazy…a good kind of crazy though ;).