One year anniversary trip

a mr and mrs

“Any day spent with you with is my favorite day. So, today is my new favorite day.” -Winnie the Pooh 

One of our favorite days was obviously our wedding day, so of course with that being our favorite day a year later it only seemed right to spend it in one of our favorite places! Before we got married we threw around the idea of doing a Disneymoon but both of us were in our last semester of college only weeks before we got married in May 2013 and we were also preparing to move states so that C could attend graduate school so we decided we wanted a more relaxed “do nothing” beach honeymoon rather than a Disneymoon as this would be our first time EVER at Disney World so we knew that if we went we would want to do everything and not be exhausted after a wedding and wedding planning. We knew though even though we decided against the Disneymoon due to timing we really wanted to go to the parks in our first year of marriage especially before we started trying for kids, which then lead us to planning our 1 year anniversary trip. C was going to have a week off in March 2014 from his graduate program and K was able to get off work so we decided it would be the best time even though it was a little over a month ahead of our actual anniversary date.  Plans were made, resort and fast passes booked, bags packed as we made the treck from OH (where we lived at the time to Orlando) with many expectations and excitement!


Day 1 we arrived and were seriously SO excited we couldn’t contain it! We stayed in All Star sports the first night and then stayed in Movies the rest of the trip. We started our day off checking our Downtown Disney at the time which is now known as Disney Springs. We already loved Disney even though we hadn’t even seen the parks! We did some shopping ate at Bongos and just enjoyed things and took it all in. Of course we also go our Anniversary pin and our 1st Time visitor pins and began even Pin trading!


We had a lot of fun checking out our resort and of course the gift shop and had to buy our first ears and some bandits as Magic Bands were really just getting big at Disney World our first trip. We enjoyed our first night in Sports but liked Movies much better, it’s just more our kind of theme when it comes to Disney, although C is a HUGE sports fan. Sports tends to be more packed with sports camps and a little nosier than Movies seemed to be.

We LOVED our first day in the Parks….I think it will forever be my favorite day (K) of all times in the park as we saw the Magic Kingdom for the first time, I may have even cried when I saw the castle for the first time. I just felt after SO many years of dreaming of seeing it that little 5 year old girl in me came out and loved it all. We finished our evening off at Hollywood Studios at the 50’s Diner which quickly became our one of favorite places to eat on property and still is!


We spent the next day in Hollywood Studios loving that as well! It’s crazy to see the Hat in all of our pictures which is now sadly gone :(. We really enjoyed Tower of Terror here and Great Movie Ride and of course TOY STORY!


Animal Kingdom day was next up on our list. We LOVED the ride Everest and it is still  one of our favorites in all of the parks, the Yeti really gets us and the thrill of that ride truly never gets old! We enjoyed some time in Dinoland and Kilimanjaro Safari checking out all of the animals! We didn’t get to spend as much time as we wanted to at AK this trip as we were so overwhelmed with all we had left to do in our weeks time but we have had plenty of time now in further trips to make up for that.


Epcot was up next and quickly became our second favorite park aside from MK and still continues to be there on our list of parks. We loved Spaceship earth so much and really enjoyed all the foods and experiences in the World Showcase! We also got to meet some of our favorite characters for the first time in Epcot.

We continued to explore Magic Kingdom on our last day and met some of the princesses (K might have had to drag C a little haha but he is always a good sport for his wife!) and found out one of our favorite new snacks, DOLE WHIP Float…..haven’t had one yet?! GET ONE next trip we promise you won’t regret it, unless of course you are allergic or hate pineapple and in that case you may not haha! We really loved the 3’o clock parade Festival of fantasy that is still one of our favorite parades!

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever!” -Walt Disney 

Our trip sadly had to come to an end like every good Disney trip sadly. The quote listed above truly was what we experienced on our trip. The laughter we shared together on new rides, experiencing new things, sharing new moments and memories were amazing to say the least and those memories and laughter truly are timeless and will stay with us forever tucked away in our heart. Our imagination was stretched as we could feel like kids together even as adults and share the magic and child like hopes that are tucked away inside each one of us. And of course the last part, dreams are forever….those dreams of going to the parks that C and I dreamed of as kids were made into reality during this trip, and getting to do it with your best friend made it so great. We not only got to live out a childhood dream together we got to create new dreams while there about bringing our kids one day, coming back year after year to make new memories and share Disney World with friends and family. We will never be able to fully express how great this trip was and how glad we are that got to have a trip before having children and just got to be us and escape the “real world” for a week and be kids at heart!