Get to know Kassey


Hi there! I am the “Mrs.” half of the Disneyworldcouple! I have always enjoyed Disney since I was a child, dreamed of going to the parks especially to see the Castle that I had always seen growing up and had a serious love of Minnie and Cinderella. Once meeting my better half Corey my love of Disney grew more and more as he was really determined to experience the parks together. I had NO idea how much I would love WDW when we planned our 1 year anniversary trip there and was in shock from day one and loved every minute of it. I have always loved the vision behind Walt’s Dream of Disney and bringing magic alive and into families hearts and lives and to see it happen in our life as a newly married couple was so fun. It was the greatest feeling to get to be a kid again even at 23 and to get to do it with the one I loved more than anything was even better!

Aside from being a wife to C, I am a mom to our wonderful little man who came and changed my world for the better in 2015. I love being a mom to him more than anything else and he has really given me a new passion for life and drive! Other things I really enjoy are some great coffee šŸ˜‰ in ALL forms, DIY and crafting, cooking, blogging, coloring, spin class and zumba, and just having fun with family and friends. I am a very social person and love meeting new people and have loved all the opportunities Disney has brought us to connect with others and new friends and people! Aside from my family my faith in Jesus is the core of who I am and His many blessings and His grace shape my day to day life! ā¤

I have to say the picture above was the first time I saw the castle and from that moment on WDW had me hooked, hook line and sinker even as an adult and I cannot wait to see what other memories and adventures await! šŸ™‚