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Crystal Palace Review


Happy Thursday friends!

We are hope you are having a wonderful week so far! Today I am going to be reviewing The Crystal Palace a restaurant at Disney World that has quickly become one of our favorites and now even one of our son’s favorites :). We first experiences this place last December on our “Babymoon”. We had never been to a character dining before this trip and as big fans of Pooh Bear we were very intrigued by this and also heard so many great things about it. We did have the dining plan on this trip so it made it a little more affordable as it being a character dining it is a little more pricey than some other sit down meals. We figured it would be a great place too to take some “pregnancy announcement” photos as Pooh Bear was a character we hoped to use to decorate our son’s room and had already bought some baby pooh items before our trip.


We booked a lunch reservation in December of 2014 and loved it! Here is a glimpse of the menu you will find outside as you wait for your name to be called.


As you can see they offer all three meals, we have only so far done just lunch but have heard that breakfast is great and we have that on our “to do list” as I(K) am a huge fan of breakfast! This is a buffet style meal so you do have a server but he or she will only bring your drinks and the rest is self serve. The meal starts with a beautiful salad bar with many great salad options including, pasta salad and fresh fruit and veges and yummy rolls as well. After we got some salad we went to the main course or “hot items” and there were things like chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, lots of sides and even some steak that C said was very good! We both got very full our first time! There is also a great kids area that has lots of great little things for children or if you have a more picky eater. I even ate off that and really enjoyed their mini corndogs ;). Once we finished our main meal we ventured over to the dessert bar which was very good as well! So many options of yummy little desserts. I enjoyed them because many are bite sized so you can get a couple of them and try a few different options without having too much. They had cookies, little mini pies, mini cheesecake bites and even mini brownie bites. We loved all of the food and were very pleased with the selection and quality of it as I know sometimes buffets can be a hit or miss this one for us was a hit!


Aside from the delicious food the other great part was meeting all of the sweet characters from the 100 acre woods. As I mentioned we both like Pooh, I grew up watching him as a child so he will always have a special place in my heart and was one of my first favorite Disney characters.

pigletpooh and baby

Pooh was so sweet with posing with some of the props we brought for our pregnancy announcement photos and loved the little Classic Pooh onesie we brought. It is very special to now have these photos to show our son when he gets older!

Just last month we went back to Crystal Palace for our second time n my 25th birthday trip and this time we got to bring our son with us! It was very special as the last time we were there I was only 11wks pregnant with him and now this time he was coming back at 6 months old :). He LOVED it, and even as a baby had a blast with the characters. Seeing him light up with the characters was the best part of that birthday lunch there and being able to take him back to where we just were a year before was so neat. I definitely had a “mom moment” and cried thinking of it all and seeing his face light up. We love meeting characters as adults but seeing it through your child’s eyes is 20 times better <3! Here are some pictures of our second time eating here.


To say our little man enjoyed it was an understatement. This just showed us that you’re never too young or too old to enjoy the Disney magic! Even at 6 months old our son loved this and we will always cherish these memories to show him as he gets older. Whoever was in this Pooh bear  costume that day is also my new favorite cast member as they came back to our table SO many times and spent 10mins just playing and cuddling on Hudson and making him giggle, little extra magical moments like this just make your trip and this really did!

I will say our little man was a little biased on loving Pooh bear the most lol…he wasn’t quite as interested in Eeyore and Piglet and we aren’t sure why! He does have one of the “babies pooh bear” we bought on our babymoon at WDW for him so he has seen Pooh more but something was extra special to him I guess, and maybe that will be his favorite character 😉 I wouldn’t be mad! Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger were also great though and fun characters you get to meet while you’re eating. Typically if the restaurant isn’t too busy you get to see the characters more than once as they do laps around the tables and stop at each table. They are great with posing for pictures and also getting autographs if you have older kids who want those or yourselves as adults too. I love being able to experience this place and think the character dining is so worth it! There is another place in Magic Kingdom where you can meet Pooh and Tigger but the lines are usually pretty long so to not have to wait is very nice and to get to meet the whole 100 acre Woods crew is very fun and I feel each character spends a good amount of time at your table for more of a personal experience. If you have kids or even if you do not we highly recommend this place! With good food and great character meet and greats we give The Crystal Palace a 10/10. We would love to see it be more “Pooh bear of 100 Acre Woods” themed in the future, while we love how pretty The Crystal Palace is we would love to see it be more themed to the characters. I think it could be a great little area to be more like Be Our Guest and just give you more of an experience with the characters.


Have you ever eaten here? If you have let us know what you think and what your favorite part is in the comments, we’d love to hear from you! Thanks for reading and have a great Thursday!


P.S. Only 8 days till our family trip to WDW!! We will have many posts on that to come so be on the lookout ;)!



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