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Review of Festival of the Lion King at WDW

Hey Friends!

So sorry there has been a delay in us posting this last week or so. I have a very good reason I will be posting about after this post as to why there was a delay :). I (K) have taken on a new little business venture that is also Disney related that took a lot of my attention last week but we’re back! Today I’m going to be reviewing our experience with Festival of the Lion King  show at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Park. Even though this was our 5th trip to Walt Disney World we had never experienced the Lion King show yet and man had we been missing out! Here is our personal review of the show and experience!


We actually used a fast pass on this show as we have a little one who was 6 months at the time and we knew we wanted to get in and get settled with a seat pretty quickly. It was nice to be able to get in first and get a good see where we were able to sit close, but also be close to an exit just in case little man needed to leave or got fussy. We sat in the “wart hog” section as each is split into a four different animals  which is really neat! There is a wart hog section, a lion section, a giraffe section and elephant section and a different performer in the show lead each section in getting pumped up and also making animal sounds that matched the section you were in. It was very fun and they were very comical with all of this which gets kids and even adults engaged and feeling silly and fun.


Timon was the main host of the show and was very fun and entertaining! He lead  all of beginning  performances and participated in a fun acrobatic show with the monkeys. This part we loved as you really got to see some fun tricks and silliness and the voices of all of the performers are so amazing! This really gets the crowd going and sets the stage for a great rest of the performance. There are of course many great Lion King classic tunes throughout this part that you’re sure to love, an example being ” Hakuna Matata”, because I mean what’s a “Lion King show” without that favorite and wonderful phrase?!




Timon continued to keep the audience entertained, after the acrobatics were done they moved on to some other beloved Lion King songs, one we especially loved was with a performer who danced with fire! This was performed to the song “Be Prepared” by Scar in the movie Lion King and was very neat to see and hear. Scar is one of C’s favorites in the movie and the song is just so powerful and sang incredibly so it was perfectly pared with the mood and fire.


The show continues on with “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” which is one of my favorites and brought all the feels out! This was so beautifully done and just neat to again see some more with acrobatics as the song was performed. This went along perfectly with the mood and really made you “feel the love” ;).



By far the best part was up next, the finale, where they tie all of the classic Lion King songs together and be prepared as this may even bring you to tears it’s that beautiful! All of the songs that were performed they bring all together as a celebration song and a grande final which we loved! Hearing them all sing “The Circle of Life” was amazing and every Lion King fan and just Disney fan’s heart explodes in that moment and the colors and mood are all set perfectly. We really enjoyed the animatronics that went with the show as well, below in the picture you can see the Simba one and there were also a Pumbaa one, elephant and giraffe that all sang along and performed with the songs.


Over all we had a wonderful time at the Festival of the Lion King! The only thing we were sad about is that it took us over two years to get to see it haha! We had wished we had made more time for in past trips but of course were glad this trip it worked out to be able to see it. Our son being an infant slept through the whole thing in his Ergo carried haha which was actually kind of nice because we got to really focus and enjoy it as a couple but we cannot wait to take him back once he is older and can appreciate it more! We hope he enjoys the Lion King as much as we do as it was one of our favorite childhood movies growing up. We really hope you are able to get a chance to experience the wonder of this show on your next trip if you haven’t already of if you just simply want to enjoy it one more time! It is not only a great show but it’s a nice break if you’ve had a long day in the parks and want to break it up with a break while still getting to experience the animal kingdom themes.

We would for sure go back and see it again and plan to on a future trip. The only negative or thing that I could think of that was different than I had thought is there really isn’t a “reserved seating” area for people who use their fast past. I was hoping there was just a section for that since you do give up that fast pass for the show to be able to get in first but there isn’t. It’s just basically you get in before the rest of the crowd does which is nice but it happens FAST and seats fill up quickly so you have to be speedy since it’s a sit wherever you want type of deal. I guess in my head I was thinking maybe it would be like when you use a fast pass for Wishes or the parades where you get a certain section where you are guaranteed a good view. Our view was definitely not a bad one so don’t think I mean that just was different than expected but SO worth it still :).

I would say over all we would give the show a 10/10 for sure as far as something we enjoyed and the attraction level and based on it being worth your time to stop and watch. I would say just separately as far as getting a fast pass maybe a 9/10 but still great and does help you get some closer seats which would really help if you have shorter little ones along. We hope you enjoyed this review and are enjoying your week and if you are preparing for a Disney trip that all is going well!



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