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Walt Disney World January 2016 Trip Haul

Happy Thursday everyone!

We hope you’re having a wonderful and magical week whether you’re at home or at the parks or are planning a trip and counting down the days until you’re at the parks! Our countdown is officially at 28 days till we arrive back at WDW for our trip in March and we cannot wait!

Today’s post I’m going to try something new that we have seen a couple of others blogs do, this post will be our Disney World Trip Haul from our last trip for my birthday in January. Since we do live in Florida and have Annual Passes we don’t buy a ton each time we go to Disney World just because we are able to go often. This trip was a little different though as we went for my 25th birthday and also had received many gift cards for Christmas and my birthday that we saved up to use for this trip. We do love a lot of Disney’s merchandise but with going so much now we see a lot of it many times each trip and as we have it has made us a little more selective with what we purchase so when we lived farther we would buy more as we would go less often and it wasn’t as easy to go back and get the items we had seen each trip.

Anyways without further ado let’s start :)!

The first thing we got from this trip was something I had been eyeing for a while and had seen many Disney bloggers/vloggers get and had seen on instagram, it was a Dumbo Pillow Pet!

dumbo pillow pet

For some reason I just couldn’t decide on the previous trips if I wanted one or not or if I would actually use one. Now that we have moved to Florida and are farther away from our hometowns back up north we are planning to do more traveling and we do travel to Disney world monthly or so which in the end helped me decide I wanted to invest in a pillow pet! I knew on these trips it would be great to have something to be able to sleep on that was smaller than bringing a full sized pillow with and of course….it’s super cute and probably my favorite character aside from Minnie! I like it because I can easily fold it up too and don’t feel as ridiculous as a 25 year old who still loves stuffed animals lol….yes I would have a huge collection still but now as a mom I just usually give them to our son ;). So far it’s been a great buy and I plan to take it WDW each time we go, the price for this was:


The next items we purchased were actually for our son who is 6 months old :). Even though it wasn’t his birthday I couldn’t NOT go to Disney World and get him a little something ;).


We got him this little Donald Duck car that is a softer rubbery material at the Big Top Souvenirs in Fantasyland (one of our favorite stores on property) because he is currently teething and literally chews on EVERYTHING lol so this was a perfect thing he could chew on and not tear up and also as he gets older play with it as a car. It was pretty inexpensive and Donald is C’s favorite fab 5 characters so it worked out great! The second thing in the picture was a sweet book we found at the Pooh Bear store right outside of his ride in Fantasyland. We love buying H books and collecting them for his Disney Library so this one was perfect. It was also perfect as it’s a harder book again he cannot tear up 😉 always key when buying for a baby lol. This was also a really great price and something he will be able to use and enjoy for years to come!

Prices for these were:

Donald Duck: $4.95 and Pooh Bear Book: $7.95 

Next up on our list was an awesome shirt that C and I found while in one of our favorite pavilions at Epcot!

3 cab

If you know anything about us…it’s that the Three Caballeros are some of our favorite Disney Characters and that is probably our favorite ride in Epcot aside from Spaceship Earth ;)! This ride is such a hidden gem in the Mexico Pavilion and was one of our favorites since our first trip when we stumbled upon it while going through Epcot. They just recently added new animatronics at the very end that make the ride even better, so if you’ve never ridden it DO IT, we promise you won’t regret it! 😉 This shirt was very exciting to find as there are not many things in the Parks for the Three Caballeros so we snatched it up quickly to add to C’s collection of shirts.

This shirt was: $21.95


The next two items were birthday gifts that I (Kassey) really had wanted and got for my Disney Collection which are mugs. I LOVE coffee and hot drinks so for me the perfect thing to collect is mugs and with so many different style and designs at WDW it’s perfect!


The first one I got was again something I have been eyeing for 2 years now! This Chip cup had just came out on our first trip but I just couldn’t get it the first time I think as we were just overwhelmed with so many options and so many things we could get! Our next trip they had run out of them in many stores as they were so popular. Now a year and a half later I was finally able to get my hands on one in the store near Gaston’s tavern in Fantasyland. This mug is a little more pricey than most WDW mugs but I think it’s due to it’s fine detail and the fact it’s a little more unique than your average mug there. I love how it has the actual chip painted on to look as though it’s been chipped and his face of course is adorable! I love using it and love the uniqueness of this cup and it is a great addition to my collection so far.

This cup was: $19.95

The next mug I got was in Animal Kingdom at a store near the front of the park. We have spent the least amount of time in AK of all of the WDW parks but we are trying to change that and have been enjoying it a lot! I have been wanting to find something there to get but hadn’t found that perfect item until now.

I loved this mug for many reasons, but the biggest ones were it’s size as it is pretty huge and great when you need that extra wake up with lots of coffee and as a new mom to a baby that’s pretty much every day for me haha. I also loved the Mickey aspect but with the animal theme and prints. There is also a “hidden mickey” literally in the bottom of this mug which I thought was neat. This mug adds some animal style to my collection and reminds me of Animal King each morning I use it!

This mug was: $14.95 


The next thing I got was a surprise from my wonderful husband who went out to Hollywood Studios one night by himself as our son was very exhausted on our second to last day. I decided to take him back to the resort and let him rest and I was pretty tired too but C really wanted to see the new Star Wars fireworks so he ventured out to Hollywood Studios and Epcot. While in Epcot he surprised me with this little treasure that I had earlier picked up and said I really liked while we were in the Mexico Pavilion.

In the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot there is a very fun market area where you can buy SO many hand painted items that we always love to look through. I hadn’t bought anything in previous trips but told C that I would really like to start as a lot of the items are so beautiful and fun! When we buy things at WDW we have a pretty practical mindset and usually only buy things we can see ourselves using in day to day life and that are practical so that we get the best use of our money. When I saw this I immediately knew I would use it on my night stand for earrings and bobby pins the two things I lose MOST haha. I am always hunting down earrings and also bobby pins after I take them off each day so this would be the perfect size to keep track of them, so as one last surprise for my birthday,  C brought this back :). I was very excited and impressed with his skills, but in all honesty he is an AMAZING gift giver and great at planning surprises.

This little jewlery holder was: $9.95 

And last but not least! We had our “refillable mugs” that we got at our resort when we checked in to use for the days we were there. This isn’t the most exciting form of merchandise but very useful and added to our collection of resort mugs ;).


One thing that was neat this trip was that my mug was a very light purple almost pink! It was a more metallic color than the original purple that I also have. I asked a cast member about it because I was so curios as to why it was that color and she said it was a fluke and that they had accidentally messed up their last order and sent them this different purple color. I was very happy for that mistake as Pink and Purple are my favorite colors so to have one that was a combo of a two was perfect! I’m glad we were able to catch it while it was there. If you haven’t heard of these mugs, basically you can get one when you purchase a meal plan or you can just buy them separately for the length of your stay if you chose not to get a meal plan. That is what we did, we just purchased the mugs alone this trip no meal plan. For us it’s worth it because we can get as much of the drinks we enjoy as you get unlimited refills in your resort or any on site resort! We use them a lot once we get home while taking coffee to work or just even for drinks and water at home :).

Price for refillable mugs: $16.99 each 

Well that sums up our January 2016 Trip Haul! Like I said since we since go often we don’t buy as much as someone who may be only going once or twice a year. We love though finding things to add to our Disney collections and things we can use at home to bring some Disney magic back with us in our day to day lives! We hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions on where to get these items please leave a comment below.

Have a magical rest of your week!



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