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Our Top 30 Tips For Disney World

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1. If it is your first visit to Walt Disney World, PLAN! Make sure you have a “tentative” schedule for days you are going to go to Disney World. Even if it is as little as which park and where you are going to eat (although I recommend much more planning).

2. There is never a “bad time” to go to Disney World. Of course, there are times in which it is going to be more crowded, but you will never pick a wrong time to go to Disney World.

3. If you want to get into pin trading, buy pins off of amazon or ebay. They are very cheap and you will be able to trade them away when you get to Disney World.

4. Go visit resorts! On a day that you are not going to the park or if you are tired of walking, make sure you go explore the resorts on property. You might be surprised of how awesome they are!

5. If you are trying to save money only buy dinner in the parks. Yes you can splurge one day on a Mickey pretzel, but other than that make sure you pack a lunch


6. Bring glowsticks! It is super fun to have them for wishes or just at night. Grab a couple extra and hand them out to families for fun!

7. Do not underestimate the amount of walking. I would start walking on the treadmill or up the stairs more about a month before visiting Disney World.

8. Don’t be afraid to go listen to the DVC pitch. although it will take 1 hour 1/2 or 2 hours out of your day, you get to see some cool stuff, free ice cream, and fast passes if you are lucky!

9. Although Wishes! is the big show with fireworks in Magic Kingdom, DO NOT miss “Celebrate the Magic” in front of the Cinderella Castle. It will blow your mind!

10. If it is your first time vising Disney World, do not stand in line over 30 minutes for an attraction. You will not be able to see everything at Disney World on your first trip. Figure out what is important to you, cash in on fast passes, and just keep going!


11. Gum is not sold in the parks so plan accordingly!

12. If your first day in the park is Monday, avoid Magic Kingdom. Monday is a very popular day for MK. We would suggest Hollywood Studios.

13. You can drop off your luggage at your resort if you room is not ready and head straight to the park. When your room is ready, you will receive a text and your luggage will be delivered!

14. Take advantage of “Celebrate” pins! You can get them when you arrive at your resort. If you are lucky, you might get some special treatment!

15. Don’t be afraid to ask Cast Members to take photos for you!


16. Always have a poncho with you. You never know when it could rain!

17. The Polynesian Resort is a great place to watch Wishes!

18. When you are walking around the park or standing in line, look for hidden mickeys. They are that magical touch Disney adds to make your experience better.

19. Have fun with Face Characters. Ask them questions about their movies and see how they respond!

20. If you buy something on Disney property, it can be sent back to your Resort on property for free! Take advantage so you do not have to carry around your merchandise all day!


21. Wake up calls are fun in the resort! You could get a call in the morning by your favorite character.

22. If a parade or firework show has two showings, go for the later one. Everyone has cleared out and you will be able to enjoy it more!

23. Stay 30 minutes after Magic Kingdom closes. You will see the “Kiss Goodnight” which is unknown to many Disney fans.

24. Get a dole whip no questions asked.

25. Magic Kingdom has a rope drop show! Don’t miss it!


26. If you are thirsty, get a free cup of water at a counter service restaurant.

27. You are never too old as a couple to take a picture with a character.

28. Take lots of pictures. You will always want to remember your time at Disney World and some things are just awesome to have a picture of.

29. Take some time to just sit and watch people. You will see memories happen for other people, different cultures, and the cutest little girls in princess costumes!

30. There is not possible way you can see everything in one trip. Do not get frustrated or sadden if there is something you did not see. It just gives you a reason to come back and visit!

Be on the lookout for Planning guides or tips upcoming to our Blog. In the mean time, post your tips or questions you have about our Top 30 tip!


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