A Surprise March Trip!

Happy Monday!

Today is my first official “Monday post” on our new blog and I am so excited to share some super excited news with all of you! As most of you already follow us( and if you’re new Welcome!)  know we are Florida residents and Annual Pass Holders so we have been able to go Disney more frequently these last few months. We try and go at least once a month as we are not in Orlando but not too far. We had planned to go in March anyways for at least a day trip but then C’s dad came to us this week and surprised us with plans that C’s parents would be coming to Orlando and going to DISNEY with us :D! I’m sure you can imagine our excitement ;). Now this is not only exciting because we get to spend time with people we love but it’s extra exciting as this is his Dad’s FIRST time at Disney World ever :). This will also be our first time getting to share Disney with our son and family at the same time! It’s definitely something we have dreamed of doing together as a family and we are so grateful for the opportunity.


Another exciting aspect to it is we are staying in a resort we have never stayed at before! The resort we will be spending the week as it….drum roll…..cue the Jazz music….. and bring on the Po’ Boys and Beignets….. We are staying at…….

Port New Orleans, French Quarter!

We are SO excited to try out this new resort and experience it in full force! We actually went and explored this resort on our very first Disney World trip for our anniversary. We had been at Disney Springs and still had some time before we were to check in so we decided to take the boat and explore, which we enjoy doing a lot all over Disney property! We had heard good things about this resort and we both loved the theme so we thought it would be neat to see. We loved what we saw and really enjoyed taking the boat ride and both thought it would be so neat to one day stay there! Well this one day is here and we cannot wait. It will be almost 2 years to the same time we first explored this resort which we think is very special and fun. We are hoping C’s family really enjoys it too and are really looking forward to some amazing family time and some relaxation and of course tons of fun in the parks! We know how much we loved Disney World on our first trip so we cannot wait to see that same excitement on his Dad’s face and see his parents enjoy it together.

We will like always be instragaming through out our trip and also periscoping so you can all be a part of it too, our account to instagram is linked on our blog and our periscope name is the same as our twitter if you want to look us up there too, “Dwcouple” :). We love when other fellow Disney fans periscope in the parks and also share their photography with us so we like to do the same. A great addition though to this trip is we will be sharing “trip reports” on our blog and sharing all of our new experiences with you on here also! We will be adding more reviews and and tips and fun posts through out the week! My goal (K) is to post every couple of days on the blog and have somewhere between 3-4 posts a week with news and tips and updates even in between our trips. If you ever have any certain rides or places to eat or resorts you would like reviewed or touched on please let us know and we would love to do that! Also if you see anything on our instagram you would like us to expand on please suggest it we would love to hear suggestions from you! I will be posting more about the details of our upcoming March trip as we get closer and closer.


We cannot wait for this trip and in only 31 DAYS till we’ll be back in one our favorite places on earth!We hope you come along with us and share in this trip as well, the countdown begins NOW :).





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