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50’s Primetime Diner Review

The 50’s Prime Time Cafe is a table side restaurant that from the moment you walk in you are transported straight back in time. Not many people know they have long lost relatives in central Florida, but you will find out really soon that you do when you enter this restaurant. You can expect to have a ton of fun, great food, and even learn a few things about family while you dine here.

Before we go on with the review of the restaurant as a whole you must know that this is a restaurant where the cast members will “play” with you. If you are not a person who enjoys people messing with you, calling you “sweetie”, or telling you how to act while eating, this might not be the place for you. Your entire time in this restaurant you are in “Momma’s” kitchen and you will “follow” her rules no matter what!

When you first walk into the restaurant you go from the comfort of Hollywood Studios to a 50’s style living room. Everything from the furniture to the black and white televisions it is honestly feels like you have went back in time like Marty McFly straight to the 50’s. While you are waiting you have the opportunity to go to the Tune-in Lounge. At the Tune-in Lounge you can get things like flavored coca-cola, the famous milkshakes, or something from “Dad’s Liquor Cabinet”. The playing of our waitress started right when we were called. Our waitress called our name and said “Come on you kids, don’t keep me waiting”. We knew from that statement our time was going to be well worth it.

When you walk back into the heart of the place you go from the nice living room to the lively kitchen. Your waitress/waiter introduces themselves and come to find out you are cousins! Before you are able to order anything you have to understand the rules of “Momma’s Kitchen”. K was very upset to hear that you were not able to have any phones at the table because of course, this is 1950!

Now from what we have experienced and researched the milkshakes at this particular table side are to die for. K wanted to experience this right from the start so she ordered one of her favorite day time snacks in a milkshake form: The PB&J Milkshake. C, on the other hand, wanted to enjoy something from “Dad’s Liquor Cabinet”. Dad’s Electric Lemonade was the drink of choice for C. When our drinks came it was fun to see that Dad’s Lemonade came with an electric ice cube the changed colors. It made the experience of the drink more enjoyable overall and it was not bad. However, K had the time of her life enjoying her milkshake. It was one of the best desert drinks she had ever tasted.

After ordering our drinks we decided to go for an appetizer. We went with the Fried Herb and Garlic Cheese. It is served with grapes and a raspberry sauce. Although it was a little pricey, we would have to say that this appetizer was well worth the price. The fried cheese was delicious and although it was not C’s favorite, the raspberry sauce did not overpower the heart of the dish.

Because of how rich the appetizer was we decided to only order one entrée. We ended up picking A sampling of Mom’s favorite recipes. The reason we went with this was of how great everything sounded on the menu. With a sampling, we got pretty much all the things we wanted. This entrée comes with pot roast, meatloaf, and, the best thing, fried chicken. We also decided to get a side of mac and cheese, which did not disappoint. This entire meal was a home-run. The pot roast was juicy, the meatloaf was spicy and was not dry, and finally the fried chicken was so good it made me want to smack “Momma” just for making it so good!

Overall, 50’s Prime Time Cafe is a great place to dine if you are in Hollywood Studios. It has a fun atmosphere, awesome cast members, and the food is to die for!

Final Score: 9/10

Tell us what you think about the 50’s Prime Time Cafe! Have you been there or planning to go there? What would you recommend?


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